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Comparing carpet fibers, a major factor in your floors

Natural rugs, like wool or sisal, are made of materials that grow in nature and are processed into fibers. Synthetics, like nylon or polyester, are man-made and take up the largest share of the carpet industry. Durability depends on each specific fiber, whether it's natural or synthetic, and not the general category. When shopping for carpet installation, it’s best to know exactly the composition of the rug.

Natural carpets are “green”

Natural fibers are made from more sustainable resources and emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gasses emitted from the fibers. While you could argue that this is where natural and synthetic fibers differ, modern technology is now making it possible for synthetics to catch up. They are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles or corn products, taking less energy to process and contributing positively to indoor air quality.

Natural materials include wool, a highly durable, resilient, and beautiful rug. These are plush, soft, and all-white, but don't let that color concern you; there are natural oils that inherently repel soil, with "scales" that keep the dirt from embedding. Flame resistant, wool is also somewhat absorbent, but as long as you wipe stains immediately you should be fine.
Sisal is made from the sisal plant and has the nature-iconic tan, beige, or cream colors we all know. That neutral color palette is what makes sisal work so well with any decor, but no worries if you like vibrant colors and unique patterns because sisal also holds dye well. This rug is easy to clean and only needs vacuuming. It's also so absorbent it acts as a natural humidifier, keeping your house cool when needed.

Synthetics: superior in stain resistance

These fibers excel in this category. Nylon, which is known for ultra strength, always comes with a stain protectant. Polyester is "hydrophobic," meaning that it won't absorb stains so it inherently has that resistance. Olefin, commonly associated with Berber style rugs, is also hydrophobic and also has the added benefit of being budget-friendly. Triexta is relatively new, but already well-known not only for strength but also for the permanent stain resistance that's built right into the fiber--DNA you might say.

If you are looking for a carpet store in Hickory, NC, you'll find anything from wool and sisal to nylon, polyester, olefin, and triexta in the Church's Carpet showroom. Come to speak to our experts, especially if you live around Hickory, NC. You'll get lots of expert advice, tips, and a free quote on your carpet installation project.