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How to choose the right flooring installation for you

Shopping for a new floor is exciting, but also hard work with a lot of research and “due diligence” required. We don’t shop for a flooring installation often so it's uncharted territory but also a major investment. From the design point of view, it’s the flooring that sets the tone of the room and expresses your unique style. Put those points together and they add up to one big need for getting it right the first time.

Qualify your needs and style

Before you do anything ask yourself some questions, such as if your family is large or small. Do you entertain frequently, have kids, pets or infants, or residents with special mobility issues, such as requiring a wheelchair or walker?

In what room do you plan to install? This is important because whether it’s large or small or sunny or dark can affect color choices. Most importantly, what is your budget, and would you be willing to select alternatives when necessary? For example, if your budget doesn’t allow for wood floors would you accept an option such as a very realistic wood laminate flooring installation?

Installation buyer’s guide to flooring

This is a summary of the types of available flooring with a few salient facts about each, based on what we hear in our showroom. Hardwood is classic, elegant, never goes out of style, and adds value to a property. There's an almost unlimited choice of domestic and exotic species, but the most commonly asked forare hickory, oak, maple, walnut, and cherry. It also comes in two versions, solid and engineered, each handling moisture and water very differently.

Carpet comes in a large color palette with styles that include high, low, and medium carpet pile, from the fun and distinctive shag and frieze to the iconic Saxony and charming Berber style. Fibers are either natural or synthetic and neither is better than the other. It's important to know that not every carpet is right for every room because they all have their own specific needs, challenges, and priorities.

Vinyl, whether standard or luxury, is a realistic mimic of wood, tile, and stone and, like laminate flooring, comes in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs. Whichever you choose will be entirely a matter of personal preference. If you are looking for a laminate flooring installation, you’ve come to the right place.

With over 60 years in this business, you might say that flooring is in the DNA of Church's Carpet. As your flooring company in Hickory, NC, we have been providing flooring installation services during that time to hundreds of satisfied customers. When you visit our showroom in Hickory, NC our expert staff will help you decide on the right choice for you, your home, and your budget. We service the areas around Hickory, NC, and offer a free estimate on your next flooring installation project.